About Us

Brite Site ORIGINALLY started as Dale Archery back in the 1960's with roots in the Paterson Long Bowmen archery team that you see pictured. The business was literally selling bows and equipment on the weekends out of the trunk of a car. It was during this time that Mike LePera was experimenting and came up the the world's first lighted sight...hence the name change to "Brite Site". Along the way, Mike has shot countless arrows, won the New Jersey State Outdoor Championship in 1967, hunted South Africa, been an NFAA Councilman, Director and Official and has been an innovator and life contributor to the sport. Today, Mike is a one-man operation (as Brite Site has ALWAYS been) who assembles all of his products himself. This ensures quality control and GREAT customer service. He still shoots competitively (although some may argue to the contrary) and can be seen at all the major trade shows with his Sons, Michael and Ralph and sometimes with his Grandson Ralphie who has shot the animal round only twice and cleaned it both times. We will never live that one down!

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